Why Influvac® Tetra?

Mylan is a reliable partner that builds on more than 60 years of dedication and uninterrupted supply of flu vaccines1

Influvac® Tetra provides additional protection when circulating B lineage does not match the TIV strain or when both lineages co-circulate2

Convenient packaging and administration

  • Available in single pack and packs of tens (ten packs can be ordered with 10 syringes with needle or 10 syringes without needle).3
  • Slim package to keep storage place low.
  • The syringe is pre-filled to guarantee delivery of the exact 0.5 mL dose.
  • The ultra-sharp bevel needle might help tissue penetration and might provide better injection comfort.
  • Single-use guaranteed.3

influvac tetra 

Influvac® Tetra is approved worldwide for administration by both intramuscular and deep subcutaneous injection. It can be administered appropriately by intramuscular injection with a 16 mm needle.

Siliconised needle designed
for injection comfort

16mm needle length

Pre-filled to deliver the
exact 0.5ml dose

More information on Influvac sub-unit


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